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Hartney and Area Arena
Box 131 Hartney, MB R0M 0X0
Description: Host Site for the Westman Wildcats

Description: Platinum Sponsors

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Dundee Designs
513 - 2nd Avenue Alexander, Manitoba R0K 0A0
Phone: 204-752-2057
Fax: 204-752-2135
Description: Shirley Lloyd-Davies

Guild Insurance Brokers
2830 Victora Ave Brandon, Manitoba R7B 3X1
Phone: 204 729-4949
Description: Kristin Andrews kandrews@guildinsurance.ca

Sunrise Credit Union
Phone: 204-726-2030
Fax: 204-726-3637

CJRB Radio 1220
Box 1220 Boissevain, Manitoba R0K 0E0
Phone: 204-534-6000
Description: Betty Sawatzky

Sobeys Brandon Extra
15-1570 18th Street Brandon, MB R7A 5C5
Phone: 204 725-1134
Description: Ryan Hachatt Email: ryan.Hachatt@sobey.com

Van Auto & Diesel
203 Railway Ave N., Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Phone: 204-747-3303

Richardson Pioneer
Box 400 Killarney, MB R0K 1G0
Phone: 204-523-5380
Description: Brad Cullen bradley_cullen@richardson.ca

1228 Victoria Ave E, Brandon, MB R7A 2A8
Phone: 204-728-1525
Description: Jarrod Franklin District Sales Manager

Pringles Sports Excellence
Box 850 Boissevain, Manitoba R0K 0E0
Phone: 204 - 534-6280
Fax: 204 534-7134
Description: Ken Pringle Email: kpringle@mymts.net

East Side Marios
1570-18th Street Brandon, MB
Phone: 431 210-2065
Description: Kim Henry Email: ESM8655@recipeunlimited.com

Kostesky Farms
Box 537 Rossburn, MB R0J 1V0
Phone: 204-859-0069
Description: Bobby Kostesky Jr. Email: bobbyk_jr@hotmail.com

Nutrien Ag Solutions
Box 640 Glenboro MB R0K 0X0
Phone: 204 827-2842
Description: Darrell Godard www.nutrienagsolutions.ca

Morningstar Metal
Box 695 Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Phone: 204-726-8081
Description: Meaghan Astle astlemeaghan@gmail.com

Behlen Industries
927 Douglas Street , Brandon, MB R7A 7B3
Phone: 204-728-1188

Brandon Source for Sports
2025 Brandon Ave, Brandon, MB R7B 4E5
Phone: 204-727-0756
Description: Scott Kozoroski

All Pipe Mechanical
222 Richmond Ave. Brandon, MB
Phone: 204-730-0249
Fax: 204-729-1038
Description: Glen Crossley

Pratts Wholesale Food Service
101 Hutchings Street Winnipeg MB R2X 2V4
Phone: 204 949-2800
Description: Lenny Baranyk Email: Lenny.Baranyk@Pratts.ca

Silver Sponsors

Caley Brown Photography
50 Hanlon Cres. Brandon, MB R7B 4K3
Phone: 306-421-5720
Description: Email: cbc123-ed@hotmail.com

Harmill Farms Ltd
Box 1330 Boissevain, Manitoba R0K 0E0
Phone: 204-534-6025
Fax: 204-534-2458
Description: Gavin & Jane Robertson Email: gr1308@mts.net

MNK Mechanical Services Ltd.
1810 14th Street East Brandon MB R7A 7B2
Phone: 204 728-3936
Description: Maryann Kasprick Email: maryann@mnkmechanical.ca

Description: Silver Sponsors

Robert and Patricia Wanless
Box 124 Belmont MB R0K 0C0
Phone: 204 523-2855
Description: Email: rwanless@xplorenet.com

Brandon Radiator & Auto
1602 Parker Blvd Brandon MB R7A7P6
Phone: 204 728-3100
Description: Troy White Email: brsl@mymts.net

Action Power
1630 1st St N Brandon, MB R7C 1A4
Phone: 204 725-0474
Description: Curt Amey Email: curt@actionpower.ca

Lionel and Jill Schutte

Pillar Wealth Group
Box 2802 Virden MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204 851-5946
Description: Curtis Rowan Email: curtis@rowanwealth.ca

C&C Rentals & Recreation
2210 Park Ave, Brandon, MB R7B 0S1
Phone: 204-728-2699
Description: Bill Murray Email: Bill @candcrentals.com

Adama Agricultural Solutions 1 Fox Place Brandon MB R7B 3H3
Phone: 204 740-0633
Description: Gerald Hildebrand Email: gerald.hildebrand@adam.com

In Memory of Great Grandpa Bert Yake

Lewis & Jones
Box 1000 Killarney, MB R0K 1G0
Phone: 204-523-4922
Description: Rob MacDonald

Morrison Agencies Ltd.
Box 555 Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Phone: 204-747-2606
Description: Jennifer McMechan Email: jennifer@morrisonagenciesltd.ca

Covers and Co. Inc.
Box 358 Crystal City, MB R0K 0N0
Phone: 204-823-1694
Description: Karen Chezick Email: karen@coversandco.ca

Harvest Chiropractic
716 18th St Brandon, MB R7A 5B5
Phone: 204 717-8000
Description: Taralee McMillan Email: auntie_lee@hotmail.ca

Baranyk Enterprises
102 13th Street East Brandon MB
Phone: 204 726-4843
Description: Shirley Baranyk

G & R Transport Ltd.
PO Box 202 Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0
Phone: 204-729-7273
Description: Darren Rutherford Email: grtrans96@gmail.com

D&B Sprinklers
1515 Percy Street, Brandon, MB R7A 7G6
Phone: 204728-0650
Description: Todd Gudz Email:todd@dandbsprinklers.ca

Westman Foot Clinic
E-3000 Victoria Ave Brandon MB R7B 3Y3
Phone: 204 727-3734
Description: Dr. Ball Email: podiatry@mymts.net


Onanole, MB
Phone: 204 848-2520
Description: AJ Lewis Email: hah1@icloud.com

Carlisle Liquid Starters
Box 47 Carroll MB R0K 0K0
Phone: 204 483-2774
Description: Darrel Carlisle Email: darrel@carlisleliquid.com

M.L.K. Construction and Leasing
Danny Kozak
Phone: 204 741-0747

Ashton Bell
Deloraine MB ROM OMO

BDO - Dan Wharf
148 10th Street
Phone: 204 727-0671

SUBWAY - Brandon
1060-18th Street Brandon, MB R7A 5C1
Phone: 204 726-8802
Description: Tanya Enns Email: brandonsubways@outlook.com

Anderson Orthopedics
602 1st Street Brandon, MB

Westman Solar Solutions
1515 Percy Street, Brandon, MB R7A 7G6
Phone: 204-726-3286
Description: Todd Gudz Email: todd@westmansolarsolutions.ca

OK Tire Carroll
Box 47 Carroll MB R0K 0K0
Phone: 204 483-2774
Description: Ron Bridges Email: ronb@oktirecarroll.com

Carolyn Blaine Counselling
21 Woodhaven Drive Brandon, MB
Phone: 204 573-1801
Description: Email: carolyn@blainecounselling.com

Chatham Seeds
Killarney, MB
Phone: 204 523-8412
Description: Don Chatham

Lyver'S Maintenance and Yard Care
#3-211 Cater Drive Brandon, MB R7A 2X3
Phone: 204 596-1276
Description: Email: marcsmowing@hotmail.com

Co-ops of Westman
Boundary, Valleyview and Heritage Co-op

Bronze Sponsors

Tilbury Grain & Trucking Ltd.
Melita, MB
Phone: 204-522-0945
Description: Randi Yeomans

Lyle & Elaine Franklin

Dynamic Physiotherapy
2- 1100 Richmond Ave, Brandon, MB R7A 1M6
Phone: 204-725-2098
Description: Email: dynamicadmin@dynamicphysio.net

Chancellor Dental Group
343 18th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5A8
Phone: 204-727-5885
Description: Email: chancellordental@wcgwave.ca

Cargill Elva & Nesbitt
Box 534 Melita, MB R0M 1LO
Phone: 204-522-3221
Description: Chad Yeomans

Brian Baker - Royal Lepage/Martin -Liberty Realty
633 18th Street Brandon, MB
Phone: 204-721-0928
Description: Email: brianbaker@royallepage.ca

Hasselfield Drugs Ltd
103 Broadway St. S. Deloraine MB R0M 0M0
Phone: 204-747-2648
Description: Leslie Palmer

Description: Bronze Sponsors

Nicole Rice Equipment Leasing
PO Box 11 Site 240 RR3 Brandon, MB R7a 5y3
Phone: 204-721-2501
Description: Nicole Rice nicole@groupesfa.com

Apple's Esso
Box 34 Glenboro MB R0K 0X0
Phone: 204 827-2262
Description: Mark McGregor Email: applesesso@outlook.com

H & L Motors
Box 265 Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0
Phone: 204-824-2112
Description: Jan Nelson Email: nelson1@mymts.net

Todd Gudz - Royal Lepage
141 Oak Bluff Rd Brandon MB
Phone: 204-726-3286
Description: toddgudz@royallepage.ca

Blue Moon Water Inc.
1040 26th Street Brandon, MB R7B 2C1
Phone: 204 729-8844
Description: Philip Durward Email: bpll@mymts.net

Olson Agencies
Box 475 Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0
Phone: 204-747-2686
Description: Jamie & Tammy Email: olsonagt@mts.net

Brett Franklin - MNP
Phone: 204-295-2897
Description: brett.franklin@MNP.ca

RTM Transport Ltd.
Box 245 Strathclair, MB R0J 2C0
Phone: 204-365-4751
Description: Deena Wozney Email: www.rtmtransport.com

McNic Construction Ltd.
515 Williams Ave, Killarney, MB R0K 1G0
Phone: 204-534-7964
Description: Kelvin McMullen Email: laker8@mymts.net

Jamieson's Funeral Services
415 Broadway Street, Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0
Phone: 204-827-2480
Description: Moray Jamieson Email: jamiesonsfuneral@gmail.com

Assante Financial Management
Brandon, MB
Phone: 204 724-4535
Description: Troy Thompson Email: troy.thomson@assante.com

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