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Westman Wildcats Constitution



Adopted     April 2006                  Amended April 18, 2022



U18 AAA Westman Wildcats



1. To provide an environment that will give elite-level players a chance to grow and improve her skills and to compete at the highest level possible.

2. To provide a coaching staff that is qualified and dedicated to exposing and teaching players the skills and concepts expected from a high-caliber player.

3. To provide outstanding management and support personnel that will operate the team as close to professional standards as possible.

4. To ice the most competitive team possible consisting of players dedicated to personal and team excellence regardless of where they may live within the region.

5. To promote female hockey within the Westman region so as to foster development and growth in the game.


  1. Teams will be - as per Hockey Manitoba Regulations - Stand-Alone teams.
  2. To try out for either team a player must reside in the region. Residency will be based on Hockey Manitoba Residency Regulations.
  3. Not all players that try out will be selected to the Regional roster. The team is under no obligation to fill their roster.



  1. Meetings will be held in August of each year.
  2. Special meetings at the call of a board member of the executive.
  3. The Chairperson or acting Chairperson shall be responsible for the order of business and preside at all the meetings.
  4. At any time, a member may call for a motion whereupon discussion will proceed to a vote in which all may take part. The Chairperson may vote only in the event of a tie.
  5. Motions will be decided by simple majority after which cabinet solidarity will prevail.



  1. The board of directors will serve as the executive committee and shall consist of seven (7) members. One of these members will act as treasurer of the organization.
  2. Directors cannot be parents of current members of the team
  3. One member of the executive board must have signing authority in addition to the current manager of the team
  4. Updates on season operations will be maintained on the team through email and phone contact.
  5. Board members serve on a volunteer basis
  6. New members of the Board shall be chosen by existing members of the Board. A sitting member shall nominate a potential new Board member. Another Board member shall second the nomination. If a majority of members vote in favor of the nominee, that person is added to the Board.



  1. Player fees will be determined at the beginning of each season based on costs associated with team operations for that current year. Player fees to be paid in September or in installment plan with predetermined dates.
  2. Sponsorship packages will be delivered after team selection of the current season.
  3. Players will be required to contact sponsors for fundraising efforts
  4. The treasurer and the current manager will have signing authority and both signatures must be on any approval for funds spent.



  1. A sponsorship subcommittee will be appointed and will be responsible for raising additional funds for the operation of the team. The template is in place and will be followed each year. They will report to the manager.  
  2. A food committee will be appointed from current parents of team members and will be responsible for organizing meals for away tournaments or as needed for other events.



  1. The Head Coach Position will be advertised as needed in the spring leading up to the next season. The head coach must have High Performance 1 qualification.
  2. The Board will interview applicants and determine the successful candidate
  3. The head coach will choose his assistant coaches (with approval of the Board) and all assistant coaches must have Development 1
  4. Coaches expenses to be covered by the Wildcat Program.
  5. Manager/s to be appointed through existing Manager, Coach and Board recommendation. Manager/s must have Respect in Sport Certification.
  6. The Board will meet within seven (7) days after the last game of the season to determine whether the current coach’s services will be retained. If the coach is asked to remain, the Board will determine the time line for a reply from the coach. Should the present coach choose not to return or be retained, a selection committee will be formed.
  7. The Manager is recommended by the existing Manager, Coach and/or Board with a deadline of June 30th of the said year.
  8. The final approval of a Manager will be provided by the Board by July 15th.
  9. No staff member of this program including Coaching staff and Managers shall incur any out of pocket expenses.



  1. The responsibilities of the Board shall consist of such day-to-day operation as ice, game officials, schedules, souvenir program, team transportation, team accommodations, press releases, meetings, selection of the Coach, approval of the Manager and remaining coaching staff, obligations to sponsors, budget, team rules, discipline and requirements of the AAA U18 League.
  2. Responsibilities of the parents shall consist of fund-raising beyond the Board’s endeavors and meeting the financial obligations as designated by the Board.
  3. The Wildcat Program does not allow parents to contact Coaches and Board members but they are allowed to forward in writing any concerns they may have to the Manager and the Manager will be in contact with the Board to discuss these concerns and how to handle them moving forward.
  4. A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws will be available to all parents at their request and will be available on the program’s website.



  1. THE Coach/Manager shall ensure the U18 AAA Westman Wildcats are represented at league meetings and remain a member in good standing within the league by posting its bond and fulfilling league obligations.
  2. The Hockey Manitoba Director for our region may attend our board meetings if requested at any time.



  1. Preference will be given to a non-parent Head Coach but there will be an exception made if there isn’t a non-parent Head Coach available to take the position but that decision will be at the discretion of the Board. The Head Coach will be responsible for recruiting his own Assistant Coaches which may be parent Coaches but again will have to meet approval of the Board.
  2. If a player becomes injured, they are obligated to continue making payments to the program in order to maintain their status as a team member but may be reviewed by the Board pending status of the injury.
  3. Should a players, parent, Coaching staff or Manager’s actions be deemed to be unacceptable, the Board may impose a suspension or dismissal from the Regional AAA U18 Team.
  4. Consumption of alcohol and cannabis by a player during team functions is strictly prohibited.



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