Westman Wildcats
Monday September 25 2023 
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Player Information
Number: 06
Name: Brooklyn Franklin
Position: Forward
Shot: Right

Birthdate: 2005-09-09
Weight: 127 lbs
Height: 5'  5"
Grade: 12
Email: boodoo6@outlook.com
Mother's Name: Michelle
Father's Name: Jarrod
Mother Cell Phone: 204-724-0967
Father Cell Phone: 204-724-4154

Academic Awards
French, Physical Education, Computer Science, ELA - Highest marks in all.

Athletic Awards
Ashley Neufeld Sports Awards, Top U17 Softball player Award, 2022 MFHL League Champs

Softball and Skiing

Personal Goals
Be the best athlete I can.

Graduation Year: 2023
Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers
Favorite Movie: Friends
Favorite Athlete: Ashton Bell and Emma Ramsey

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